What Should I Expect

What Should I Expect with Cognitive Remediation?

Treatment is individualized and focuses on the development of strategies and techniques to compensate and remediate cognitive weaknesses.  The goal of the intervention is to maximize daily functioning while developing meaningful and successful daily activity patterns.

Cognitive Remediation is directed to achieve functional changes by:

  • Reinforcing, strengthening or establishing successful behavior patterns.
  • Establishing new patterns of cognitive activity or mechanisms to compensate for impaired neurological systems.

Interventions are tailored to help the individual be as independent as possible in the management of his or her everyday routines and responsibilities in their home and community.

Sessions are one-on-one and are patient-centered.  Each session is tailored to the specific needs of the individual.  Family and/or significant others are encouraged to attend sessions so that they may be better able to support the treatment initiatives and so that they may be able to share their insights.

Sessions are generally scheduled once a week for one hour.  Follow up via email to promote carryover to treatment goals is also provided, when indicated.

How do cognitive remediation goals help me with my life skills?

  • Aim is to enhance your functional competence in real world situations by direct retraining, compensatory strategies or cognitive tools.
  • Help individuals make most of abilities and increase self-reliance and self-confidence by providing training, resources, information and adaptive equipment.
  • Involve in experiences that require individuals to interact, analyze, question, reflect and connect what they have learned in new situations in the community.